Landscape | Late Night Beauty

I always loved the night sky. I grew up in a little corner in Cape Breton with big star filled skies, who wouldn’t admire that in awe?! My dad is also fascinated by the night sky so we’d often go out and star gaze together. We’d compete to see who’d find the first shooting star of the night, or who could find a particular constellation first. Now that I’m not living at home we don’t get to go out to admire the sky as often as we once did, but we still try to go out when I’m home if conditions are right.

My most recent trip home offered a perfect night to get out to admire the stars. Dad found the first shooting star, but I think the image I captured was a nice consolation prize.


Next time the skies are clear, I encourage you to go out to go out and appreciate the stars in the sky. (Please be careful when doing so!)


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