Adventure | Downtown at Dusk

As the sun sets it brings a whole new face to the city. As the streetlights begin their shift for the night the city gets blanketed with a warm orange glow. This is when I find the city to be it’s most beautiful. Something about the sun setting brings a whole new atmosphere to the city, it gets much quieter, almost calming. Perhaps I love the city at dusk as its a new perspective on something I’ve seen so much of, or maybe it’s the quiet as it reminds me of the quiet nights at home in Cape Breton. Whatever the reason I’m always happy to spend some time downtown with friends to capture the beauty of my home away from home! Downtown-1Downtown-2Downtown-3Downtown-4Downtown-6Downtown-7Downtown-8Downtown-9Downtown-10Downtown-11Downtown-12Downtown-13Downtown-14Downtown-15Downtown-16Downtown-17Downtown-18


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